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Happy Tails


Happy Tail 11.26.18

Owner's Name: Natalie King
Pet's Name: Porky
City: Wapakoneta, Ohio

We were looking to find a companion for our other dog that we had adopted before from this shelter months earlier. I kept looking at their website and saw Porky's picture one day on there. It was love at first sight. Lol. I didn't know if he was a pig or a dog cause he was so chunky! He he. I knew that he would be the perfect fit for our family! Sure enough...he was! Everyone just adores him and compliments on how well mannered he is. A very calm personality! He wags his tail in this short fast way that resembles a piggy. I call him my "pig dog". He has helped my other dog with her anxiety. She no longer tears things up when I leave the house to run an errand! I would highly recommend this shelter! They are the best place that I have visited...and I've visited a few of them! The process is easier and less lengthy. The dogs seem happier.  They provide after support if needed. It is truly a great place to look for a pet and saves an animal at the same time from a cage or being put down. He is a pitt mix and looks very intimidating...however he is such a sweet boy! Pitts have a bad reputation, but, it's really a matter of the caretaker and how they are trained/raised. Never let their bad rap discourage you from taking a chance on one. When I look at how much this dog has brought to our lives...I can't imagine how anyone would have given him up or let him get away... So in love!

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 11.19.18

Owner's Name: Bridget Iadicicco
Pet's Name: Gracie
City: Columbus, Ohio

A friend shared her info with me from another site. I had just lost my 15yr old beagle and was heartbroken. I saw Gracie's sweet face and knew I needed her. She is helping my heart heal.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 10.22.18

Owner's Name: Brock & Meg Baker
Pet's Name: King
City: Botkins, Ohio

Our shelter story started with a Facebook post and ended with a happy family and dog. We were in the midst of looking for a companion for our Saint Bernard puppy, Willow, when we saw the shelter's post for King, a one-year-old Saint Bernard. After reading his story and looking through his photos, we just had to meet him. We are very grateful to the Shelby County Animal Shelter for helping us find King. He's been a wonderful pal for Willow and has truly become a part of our family. He's quite the entertainer at the park and dog class, and is an awesome member of Meg's welcoming committee when she gets home from work travels.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 10.11.18

Owner's Name: Sarah & Rick Steenrod
Pet's Name: Oliver
City: Sidney, Ohio

We fostered “Biggie” for a few weeks while he recovered from hernia surgery. We obviously
fell in love, and now “Oliver” is a part of our family!  The Sidney staff was great to work with!!

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 10.8.18

Owner's Name: Brandon & Alicia Ferguson
Pet's Name: Hoosier
City: Sidney, Ohio

We adopted Hoosier in January 2018.  We lost our beloved Sammy a beagle lab also adopted from the shelter in August 2003 and were heart broken.  I had stopped at the shelter to get dog tags and visit the pups like I love to do. Saw Hoosier in the kennel and couldn’t resist. My husband had been looking for a blue tick hound for years.  I must say he’s been the most well manner boy we’ve ever had.  He was 6-8 months old when we adopted him. He’s now 1 1/2 years old.  He’s helped heal our broken hearts and gets along great with our other beagles.  Thanks for all you do and we’ll be life long supporters of the Shelby County Animal Shelter.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 9.24.18

Owner's Name: Laura Denney
Pet's Name: Marcus & Cleo
City: Sidney, Ohio

Marcus & Cleo came from the shelter when they were 1 day old. I took them home to foster, planning to bring them back when weaned. Found out at 6 weeks old that Marcus had a health issue that would make it hard for him to find a home, so we adopted him and his sister!

They are the best, sweetest kittens ever and we just adore them.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 9.13.18

Owner's Name: Patti Deel
Pet's Name: Callie
City: Sidney, Ohio

We wanted to send a message to say today Cassie now Callie was adopted into our family from the Shelby County Animal Shelter. She now has human brothers to play with and a 5.5 month old kitten brother. She is so loved.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 6.19.18

Owner's Name: Linda & Chris Edwards
Pet's Name: Groot Thomas
City: Sidney, Ohio

We stopped at the shelter to drop off cans and came home with a puppy! Groot is a lab/aussi mix and was 11 weeks old when we brought him home. Shown here with his buddy Riley. Riley and our other little guy, Jax, were also rescued from The Shelby County Animal Shelter. All fantastic dogs. There's a reason dog and God have the same letters! Adopt, don't shop.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 6.18.18

Owner's Name: Laughlin-Jarrell Family
Pet's Name: Groot
City: Sidney, Ohio

We adopted Groot, aka Bruce in May of last year. We saw his gorgeous long black fur and lovely bright green eyes and just fell in love!
He is a sweetheart who likes playing with his canine pal Venkman, and the face he's only got 1 hind leg doesn't slow him down at all! We are so glad we got to adopt him and give him a loving home.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 6.13.18

Owner's Name: Jennifer Bickford
Pet's Name: Lucky Lady Lyla
City: Anna, Ohio

She is an almost 2-year-old German Shepard. My son, Keegan, has wanted a German Shepard for years, and she is a perfect fit for our family! Thank you for helping this be possible.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 4.19.18

Owner's Name: Ron and Sue Schroerlucke
Pet's Name: Gizmo (Snoop)
City: Sidney, Ohio

We adopted Gizmo after our old (17) Lab mix Max died. I retired in November of 2017 and we decided we needed another dog. He has become a great playmate for our younger beagle and he is just a fun little dog.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 2.5.18

Owner's Name: Kim
Pet's Name: Oreo
City: Yorkshire, Ohio

My roommate and I adopted Oreo in early fall 2017. He has completed our dog family perfectly and has given us many laughs with the way he "talks." He is also a great cuddler and loves to give kisses. Best decision we ever made to adopt this sweet dog.

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 1.29.18

Owner's Name: Debby
Pet's Name: Skittles/Elle Mae
City: Hamilton, Ohio

I adopted this sweet senior Chihuahua in October of 2017. She fit in perfect with out any problems. Thanks for all you do!

SCARF Happy Tail

Happy Tail 1.5.18

Owner's Name: Karen Seger
Pet's Name: Oscar (Tootsie)
City: Houston, Ohio

He had me at WOOF! We adopted Oscar on 12-12-17. We have a 12 year old black and tan miniature dachshund who needed a wingman. He definitely has a thing for vacuum cleaners! I recommend adoption to grow your family!

SCARF Happy Tail


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